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Why HID Global?

Millions of people’s identities are secured by HID Global around the world. HID Global is a market-leading technology solutions company on the cutting-edge of innovations for rethinking, protecting and advancing identity.

This creates opportunities for engineers to work on some of the most interesting projects in the identity security technologies industry. HID Global may be the most important company you may have never heard of. From top secret projects to defining the next generation of identity technologies for top government agencies, industry-leading companies and millions of consumers with digital identities − HID Global is an employer of choice for people who want a challenge and entry into a world of exciting technologies, solving technically-fascinating problems. Our people are connected.

Every time an identity of a person or thing is trusted anywhere in the world, HID Global is likely involved, which is significant in an age when the threat of identity fraud and unauthorized access is driving the need for new engineering breakthroughs.

HID Global has grown far beyond our flagship credentials and readers for building access. The company is investing heavily in the most exciting areas of innovation in identity technologies for mobile access, mobile IDs, mobile banking, biometrics, IT security and the Internet of Things, among other applications.

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